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Candle Flowering Gum (Lemon Myrtle Scent)

Candle Flowering Gum (Lemon Myrtle Scent)


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Our scented glass candles, available in four scents. 

These gorgeous candle holders are hand-made from glass and a layer of clay. As the soy wax melts, the clay allows the light from the candle to illuminate and radiate the magnificent colours inspired by our nation's favourite native flowers.

Ingredients:100% Soy Wax and a pure cotton wick 

Scent: Lemon Myrtle

Size: 5cm x 6.5cm

Burn time: 20 hours

Made in Australia

The flowering gum's (eucalyptus) flower clusters range from scarlet, white, pink or yellow tones. The tree itself has many uses- oils for healing, the manufacture of dyes, timber and, not least, the flowers prove irresistible to many brightly coloured birds. The lemon myrtle scent is both beautifully uplifting and refreshing.

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